North American T-28 Trojan


This is a great description of what it takes to survive a thunderstorm in an airplane...
Also take a look at Logbook Magazine which seems to have some good articles and a nice T-28 picture gallery
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Below are the two good T-28 books I've got.

First is Steve Ginter's North American T-28 Trojan (Naval Fighters, No 5), and it is an excellent documentation of the history and use of the T-28.

Also Robert Genat's Final Tour of Duty: North American's T-28 Trojans, tells the history of the T-28 and has nice pictures of some of the T-28s flying today.

Other Warbird Stuff

The Aircorps Depot sells Warbird theme T-Shirts and odds and ends.

Morey's West Coast Adventure
I went on Morey's West Coast Adventure for my IFR rating ! If you're going to get an IFR rating, want a thorough refresher, or just want an adventure, sign up for this trip. It was spectacular! I'm writing up a log, and I'll post it to this site soon.
Trip Stories
Check here for stories about airshows, IFR trips, and assorted other flying adventures.
My dad flew to Oshkosh with Dick Hendrickson, my dad was in the T-28 and Dick was in Rudy Frasca's Spitfire. Check here to see pictures my sister Helen took from the T-28.

When Thuder Rolled by Ed Rasimus This is a great book on F-105s in Vietnam.

Angles of Attack by Peter Hunt Angles of Attack: An A-6 Intruder Pilot's War. Good book about A-6 flying in the first Gulf War.

Computer Stuff that is great to have
This is a great, easy to run Home Server to store pictures & videos and backup home computers! I've run one for quite a while now and it is great. This version comes with 2 500GB drives in the 4 drive bays. This is the Home server but with a single 500GB hard drive. It has 4 drive bays so buy more hard drives for more space and to enable Home Server "duplication" of files across multiple drives to protect against the failure of any single drive. This is a great Network router and switch. Best one I've owned - especially since the switch is gigabit and that is very useful when moving many pictures and HD home video from a workstation to the Home Server. This is the same router with wireless access point.

cover Wodehouse Playhouse - Series One   This is the BBC 1970's production of some of P.G. Wodehouse stories. Very funny stories!

Good Books.  I spend 2 hours a day reading books on the train. Here are some of my favorites.

Canon Photo paper at

N6456U Weight and Balance Calculator

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